The Czech Insurers’ Bureau, registered office Česká kancelář pojistitelů Praha 4, Na Pankráci 1724/129, is corporate body founded by the Act No. 168/1999 Coll., on liability insurance for damage caused by operation of vehicle (hereinafter referred to as “the act”) on July 30th, 1999, as a professional organization of insurance companies entitled to operate the Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance in the Czech Republic. The Czech Insurers’ Bureau is registered in Commercial Register at Municipal Court in Prague, Section A, No. 49763.

The Czech Insurers’ Bureau within the scope defined by the act:

  • administers the guarantee fund
  • carries on frontier insurance and runs the information centre
  • ensures execution of tasks related to its membership in the Council of Bureaux
  • enters into agreements with the insurers’ bureaux of foreign states, information centres, and bodies authorized in other Member States to process claims for substitute compensation, and executes tasks arising from such agreements
  • cooperates with state bodies in matters related to liability insurance
  • keeps records and statistics for the purposes of liability insurance
  • participates in claims prevention in connection with traffic on land communications and in prevention of insurance frauds relating to operation of vehicles

In relation to injured parties, i.e. those who sustained damage by operation of a vehicle and are entitled to compensation according to above mentioned act, the Czech Insurers’ Bureau acts as guarantee and provider of:

  • compensation for personal injury or death caused by operation of an unidentified vehicle for which an unidentified person is liable; material damage and lost profit is compesated only in case of simultaneous heavy personal injury and only if the material damane and lost profit exceed CZK 10.000
  • compensation for damage caused by operation of a vehicle without liability insurance
  • compensation for damage caused by operation of a domestic vehicle insured with an insurer that is unable to pay the compensation due to his bankruptcy,
  • compensation for damage caused by operation of a foreign vehicle insured by frontier insurance,
  • compensation for damage caused by operation of a foreign vehicle whose driver is exempted from the obligation to conclude frontier insurance when operating this vehicle in the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • substitute compensation as per §24a and 24b of the act,
  • compensation for damage caused by operation of a vehicle which was dispatched from one Member State to the Czech Republic as a country of its final destination, if the vehicle in question was not insured against MTPL and the accident occurred within a period of 30 day after the acceptace of delivery by the purchased, even though the vehicle has not formally been registered in the Czech Republic. 

In relation to liable parties, i.e. those who are liable for the damage caused by operation of an unidentified vehicle or a vehicle without liability insurance, the Czech Insurers’ Bureau has the right for reimbursement of the compensation paid on behalf of liable parties.

Organigram of the Czech Insurers' Bureau