When and how is it possible for the injured party to make a claim for compensation as per §9 of the Act No.168/1999 Coll.

The injured party can make his claim for compensation as per §9 of the Act No. 168/1999 Coll., on the Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance, as amended by the Act No. 47/2004 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Act’) namely:

A) with the respective insurer, if in the column „Search result“ appears the information about this insurer after you have entered date of the accident and vehicle registration (plate) number of liable vehicle.                                                      

B) with the Czech Insurers’ Bureau, if in the column „Search result“ does not appear any information about the respective insurer and according to the action as per §8 (3) of the Act the injured party did not receive the information about the insurer of the liable party’s vehicle.                                                       

Person which is making his claim (injured party or person acting on his behalf) notifies of his claim for compensation from the guarantee fund by delivering precisely filled in form Report of the Claimant, that you can print here, to above mentioned address of the Czech Insurers’ Bureau. You can also get this form at any Motor Third-Party Liability insurer. This form is used to established first contact with the Czech Insurers’ Bureau. For making, or more precisely for proving your claim for compensation, you will need other documents more.

You should supply especially following documents with your Report of the Claimant:

  • documents proving that a damage has been caused, plus its specification (e.g. personal injury, material damage, etc.),
  • documents proving the legal ground of claim for compensation (e.g. Police Report, witnesses’ testimony),
  • documents proving scope and amount of vehicle’s damage (e.g. photographs of the damage, record of vehicle’s damage, copy of registration book of the damaged vehicle, etc.),
  • any other documents if necessary. 

Upon receiving your Report of the Claimant the Czech Insurers’ Bureau will make a record of it and will let you know of further steps that will take place.