What should you do whith an uninsured vehicle ?

It certainly cannot be on the roads. Under § 1(2) of the Act No. 168/1999 Coll., on liability insurance for damage caused by operation of vehicle (hereinafter referred to as “act”), only a vehicle that has liability insurance may be used on a publicly accessible road. In relation to liability for damage, operating a vehicle does not consist only of driving it, but also of its being parked on a road.  Incorrectly braked vehicle may start to move by itself and cause damage, not only material damage, but also personal injury and/or death. This real fact is supported by the traffic accident statistics compiled by the Traffic Police of the Czech Republic.

Accidents caused by self-moved vehicle and consequences of such accidents

Uninsured vehicle must not be physically on publicly accessible roads.

What should you do with an uninsured vehicle?

If you want to operate a vehicle you should conclude the Motor Third-Party Liability insurance with one of the members of the Czech Insurers‘ Bureau .

Where should you put an uninsured vehicle?

Some other legal steps have to be taken in regard of an uninsured vehicle, in addition to its actual location and adequate security off a publicly accessible road. If insurance has expired and a new insurance policy has not been concluded within 14 days of the expiry of the previous insurance, the vehicle owner according to § 15 (5) of the act is obliged to hand over to the respective vehicle registration body the vehicle registration (plate) number and the vehicle registration certificate within the same period (14 days) and in connection with this he may request the temporary withdrawal of the vehicle from the Road Vehicles Register.